ArcGIS 1: Introduction to GIS

Learn what a GIS is and what you can do with it.


This course introduces GIS concepts and ArcGIS tools used to visualise real-world features, discover patterns, obtain information, and communicate that information to others. Working primarily with ArcGIS Pro or ArcMap and ArcGIS Online, you will create GIS maps, explore the data behind the maps, and analyse maps and data as you master fundamental concepts that underlie GIS technology.

Note: Course concepts apply to ArcGIS 10.3, 10.4, 10.5 and 10.6.

Choose between ArcMap or ArcGIS Pro to complete the ArcGIS Desktop exercises.


Individuals who have no or minimal experience with GIS


Experience with Windows-based software for basic file management and browsing is required.


  • Quickly create and share a GIS map.
  • Find and organise geographic data and other content for a mapping project.
  • Accurately display features on a GIS map and access information about them.
  • Perform spatial analysis to answer questions and create new information.
  • Share GIS maps and analysis results so they are easily accessible to desktop, web, and mobile device users.


  • The ArcGIS Platform
  • The basics of GIS
  • Understanding GIS data
  • The importance of coordinate systems
  • Acquiring and selecting GIS data
  • Interacting with the map
  • Performing spatial analysis
  • Sharing results