Managing Geospatial Data in ArcGIS

Achieve simplified data management that supports your organisation's needs.


This course takes you on an in-depth exploration of the geodatabase, the native data storage format for ArcGIS software. Best practices to create a geodatabase to centrally store and efficiently manage your organisation's authoritative geospatial data are covered. You will develop skills needed to configure unique geodatabase features that ensure data integrity and accuracy over time and a thorough understanding of file and enterprise geodatabase capabilities.

This course is taught using ArcGIS Pro. If you are looking for an ArcMap course on this topic, see Building Geodatabases.


  • Data Editor
  • GIS Technical Leads
  • GIS Database Designers



  • Create a geodatabase, explore schema options, and evaluate appropriate data models.
  • Add data to a geodatabase, edit feature geometry and attributes, and create a mosaic dataset to store and disseminate imagery.
  • Define data rules and relationships to simplify data editing and ensure data integrity.
  • Configure access to an enterprise geodatabase and create a versioned feature class to allow multiple concurrent editors.