ArcGIS Technology Update - Virtual User Conference

The Eagle Technology team will be presenting an update on ArcGIS Technology in lieu of the NZ Esri User Group in person Regional User Conferences. Join the team to hear all about new developments in the ArcGIS Platform.


The ArcGIS Platform has had various exciting new capabilities and features introduced in the past few months – and we want to make sure you hear all about it at the Virtual User Conference 2020! We will be covering all aspects of the platform including the most powerful desktop app, ArcGIS Pro, and mobile apps like Survey123 and Collector for ArcGIS as well as looking at the latest app to join the team – QuickCapture. We’ll highlight what’s new in ArcGIS Online including new capabilities with Mapping & Visualisation, 3D, sharing workflows and showcasing the latest additions to Eagle’s ever-growing Content Library - including the new NZ Vector Tile Basemaps. We will also be sharing with you the new Experience Builder and the latest enhancements to engagements apps such as ArcGIS Hub and StoryMaps. For those with the need for ArcGIS deployed in their own Infrastructure, we’ll also be delving into what’s new with ArcGIS Enterprise.


Recording of the 31 March 2020 ArcGIS Technology Update

Timings for the Technology Update: 

Intro - 00:00
Eagle COVID-19 Update - 3:35
ArcGIS Platform Overview - 5:45
Content and Living Atlas - 10:58
ArcGIS Online - 19:45
New Map Viewer - 20:38
Dashboards - 32:00
StoryMaps - 38:34
Experience Builder - 45:37
JavaScript API - 54:15
3D and BIM - 55:38
Sharing and Collaboration - 1:02:50
Hub - 1:11:15
Part 1 Q&A - 1:19:03

Field Apps - 1:27:58
Offline Considerations - 1:42:06
App Studio - 1:45:02
ArcGIS Pro - 1:47:21
Enterprise - 1:56:57
Utility Network - 1:58:48
LocalMaps - 2:00:53
Python and Notebooks - 2:09:50
Imagery - 2:18:03
Game Engines - 2:27:20
Road Ahead - 2:31:46
Part 2 Q&A - 2:34:48