Exploring ENVI

In this course youll learn much about the core functionality of ENVI.


Do you need to quickly get up-to-speed on the full-featured functionality offered by ENVI, the premier remote sensing exploitation package?  In this course you’ll learn much about the core functionality of ENVI. You will also be given an introduction to hyperspectral data analysis that can be used as a stepping-stone for learning about ENVI’s advanced hyperspectral analysis capabilities.  Data from various multi-spectral, hyperspectral and radar sensors, including ASTER, AVIRIS, Quickbird, RadarSat, AVHRR, SPOT, Landsat, TMS, and USGS DEM data are used in a mixture of lectures and exercises.  You will be shown ways to extend ENVI using batch processing, Band and Spectral Math, and Feature Extraction among other Tools.  And you will be introduced to the new ENVI paradigm – ENVI Zoom.


A basic level of remote sensing knowledge is necessary to take advantage of what this course has to offer.


Mastering the Basics

  • Setting preferences
  • Display management
  • Working with Portals
  • Chipping and Saving
  • Spectral Profiles

Raster Data Management

  • Reading raster data
  • ENVI format
  • ENVI header

Image Display Concepts

  • Contrast Stretching
  • Color Tables
  • Raster Color Slices

Example Application: Vegetation Analysis

  • Metafiles
  • Preprocessing multispectral data (Calibration & Atmospheric Correction
  • Image Linking and Dynamic Overlays
  • Topographic Modeling
  • Image Registration
  • Masks
  • NDVI
  • 3-D Surface Modeling

Vector Data in ENVI

  • Working with vectors
  • Editing vectors
  • Intelligent Digitizer – linear feature extraction

Image to Map Registration

  • Ground Control Points
  • Warping and Resampling imagery
  • Creating a new projection

Regions of Interest and Classification

  • Scatter Plots
  • Supervised Classification
  • Post Classification tools

Principal Components Analysis

Introduction to Hyperspectral Analysis

  • Z-Profiles and Spectral Libraries
  • Endmember extraction (SMACC)
  • Whole Pixel Analysis (Spectral Angle Mapper)

Extending ENVI – the basics

  • Band and Spectral Math
  • Batch Mode
  • Library routines
  • ENVI Extensions

Data Fusion and Color Transforms

  • Saturation Stretches
  • Synthetic Color
  • Pan Sharpening

Feature Extraction (Object-based Classification)

  • Rule-based Classification
  • Editing Vector layers